NEW Final Expense Whole Life

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NEW Final Expense Whole Life

Postby Life Solutions » Sun Aug 15, 2021 12:29 pm

Do you need an easy-to-issue Final Expense product that's Almost Guaranteed Issue?

• Level Death Benefit
• Graded Death Benefit
• Modified Death Benefit

Auto declines for the following:

Cancer (within last two years)
CVA (within last two years)
Incarcerated / Felony Probation
Esophageal varices
Heart Attack (within last two years)
Hodgkin's disease in remission (within last two years)
Leukemia in remission (within last two years)
Lymphoma in remission (within last two years)
Malignant melanoma excised (within last two years)
Multiple Myeloma in remission (within last two years)
Paralysis (within last two years)
Stroke (within last two years)

If they have other conditions, they are probably eligible for some coverage, including HIV+ and most of the conditions listed above if they were more than two years ago.

Call (800) 680-5596
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Life Solutions
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