Freedom of Speech

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Freedom of Speech

Postby The Omniscient One » Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:43 am

If you are one of the ethically and mentally challenged who think freedom of speech includes the right to be socially retarded, then read this article: ... oortz_shun

In case you are one of those whose IQ is somewhere south of the temperature of warm spit, then repetition is in order:

The First Amendment protects private citizens from the government. It is designed to prevent government control of the public forum. It is not designed to prevent citizens from controlling speech on their private property.

The primary reason behind the use of aliases and the promotion of anonymity on this forum is to guarantee freedom of speech by licensed professionals who have had their First Amendment rights effectively nullified by the organizations of tyranny, specifically FINRA, the SEC, other "feds," and certain state level regulators.

Remember, FINRA prosecutes innocent Registered Representatives who did the right thing, and saved their clients from certain financial ruin (ENRON), while ignoring blatant red flags indicating that Bernie Madoff was a thief of epic proportions. As a private company, they cannot be trusted to do the right thing, so those who are registered with a B/D must protect their selves while trying to learn the truth - the truth that doesn't come from your compliance officer, your manager, or from the corrupt and inept lame stream media.
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